They Want to Give You Money

Trusts and Foundations and Grant giving organisation want to give you money. If they could fund everyone who applies, they probably would. However, they don’t generally have enough money to be able to do that.

This is why there are criteria and an application process to help decide who should get some of the limited pot of cash.

People generally understand the philanthropy and funding processes, but there are also common mistakes made when applying for funding for a project or to sustain the organisation’s key work.

I have worked in philanthropy for nearly 10 years and have seen first hand the mistakes made in applications for funding. Usually by people who are applying for funding for the first time or when they are applying to do something new.

There are resources for applicants via online sites and service providers. Trusts and foundations do what they can to support applicants, but sometimes the message lost amongst a whole raft of information that can overwhelm.

I cannot guarantee success when applying for funding but this site can, potentially, improve the odds, helping to avoid being rejected for simple mistakes and making sure the true purpose of your work shines through the application process.

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